Nature Preserves

Moss Creek is a nature lovers dream! The Community enjoys miles of leisure trails for jogging, walking, rollerblading and biking. These trails enable you to safely enjoy the outdoors right here within the Community.

Fording Island Nature Preserve

Fording Island Nature Preserve Guide Fording Island Nature Preserve Guide (12847 KB)

Located near the center of Moss Creek, this island is accessible by two raised boardwalk bridges overlooking the marsh and a tidal creek, complete with oyster beds. Its eleven acres are home to a maritime forest supporting various trees, shrubs, and other plants, which in turn provide wonderful habitat for our wildlife.

In addition to the main bike path connecting the two boardwalks, there are a number of walking trails leading to two observation decks to help observe and enjoy our surroundings.

Blue Heron Sanctuary

Blue Heron Sanctuary Nature Guide Blue Heron Sanctuary Nature Guide (7670 KB)

Located at the north end of Moss Creek, Blue Heron Sanctuary is comprised of several small islands with a raised walking trail and boardwalk cutting through it.

This 36-acre sanctuary, is fed by a mixture of fresh and brackish water, and is home for many wading birds, ducks, fish and alligators. There is also a wide variety of plants here, especially native perennials that show themselves throughout the season. A woodland trail on the far north side completes the picture.

A beautiful, pristine world awaits right outside your door. Just another reason why we call Moss Creek “Mother Nature’s Hole- in-One."