Governing Documents

MCOA Covenants & By-Laws

The Moss Creek Community Covenants were created to insure that the basic concept of a private, residential Community is maintained for all Members. Membership in the Association is extended automatically to all Members whose annual and special assessments, as levied by the Association, are fully paid.

MCOA Covenants

MCOA Covenants MCOA Covenants (2469 KB)

MCOA Policy Statements

2019 MCOA Policy Statements 2019 MCOA Policy Statements (3021 KB)

MCOA By-Laws

MCOA Bylaws MCOA Bylaws (433 KB)

MCOA Rules & Regulations

2019 UPDATED Rules & Regs 2019 UPDATED Rules & Regs (2776 KB)

The Rules and Regulations are set by the MCOA Board of Directors with recommendations from all standing committees and management, and are updated annually. The Rules and Regulations are in place to uphold restrictions in the Covenants and to ensure the safety and quality of life for the Members.

ARB Rules & Regulations

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) was established in consonance with the Moss Creek Community Covenants. It is the function of the ARB to develop and recommend regulations as are necessary in shaping the physical environment of the Community; to review and approve landscaping specifications, construction plans and plans for additions, alterations or changes to structures within Moss Creek Community; and, to recommend to the MCOA Board of Directors penalties for those persons who may be in violation of regulations and procedures.

ARB Guidelines & Procedures

2019 ARB Guidelines 2019 ARB Guidelines (1255 KB)