The Good Life Comes Naturally

At Moss Creek the natural, untamed beauty of the coastal Lowcountry never disappoints us. There are no straight lines … no short cuts … no pre-determined path to take. Each day is an opportunity to discover something breathtakingly beautiful. The gently winding roads follow the natural curves of the coastline. Wooded paths and marsh boardwalks round natural bends, providing hikers and bikers stunning vistas of our pristine and private Fording Island Nature Preserve and Blue Heron Sanctuary. Just one glance and it’s easy to see that, at Moss Creek, the good life comes naturally. 

Fording Island Nature Preserve

Located near the center of Moss Creek, this island is accessible by two raised boardwalk bridges overlooking the marsh and a tidal creek, complete with oyster beds. Its eleven acres are home to a maritime forest supporting various trees, shrubs, and other plants, which in turn provide wonderful habitat for our wildlife.
In addition to the main bike path connecting the two boardwalks, there are a number of walking trails leading to two observation decks to help observe and enjoy our surroundings.